First off my recently IDed S. x. areolata is showing mature pitchers that make it between S. leucophylla and S. alata 'red lid' (or whatever the inner side of the lid is red). Interestingly the lid and part way down the back of the pitcher has areoles but the inner part of the lid is red with a few areoles but the red does not show through. heavy veining also runs throuhg the neck. It is really cool. Unfortuanly my digital camera is misfunctioning and is back at the Kodak lab somewhere.
Secondly one of my S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii 'Buck Pond' pitchers has U. floridana growing in it. My U. floridana flowered (still is) and set seed (which is huge and globe like). One must have fallen in the pitcher and germinated. Very cool indeed. Mother Nature must like that plant.