i've been keeping a wistuba obtained giant form of Heliamphora Nutans in about 89F days, 70F nights and constant 70%+ humidity sometimes 85% in days and always 90%+ nights. Never dry but not too moist either (not tray)

It has been like this for over a year and lower pitchers are constantly forming.

About a month ago a mature pitcher began to develop. i was elated.

it formed rather nicely and now adds variety to my heliamphora collection (H. heterodoxa x minor and H. chimantensis)

but the next pitcher growing from that mature one was another immature one!

its back to its old habits.

is that normal? can anything be done to try to nudge it back into the mature pitchering stage?

its growing in a large terrerium under 3, 4 foot flourescent ballasts at 6500k.