Living in the temperature hell that is Florida, my other hobby is raising tortoises. They poop alot. Each day I can easily fill a 5 gallon utility pail when I clean up their yard area. Wanting to be more earth friendly, I think I want to compost this instead of constantly throwing it away. Therefore, my questions:
1) Can I just throw it in my regular compost pile?
2) I have read several articles on composting tortoise poop - you can really find anything on the internet- some say its the best vegetable fertilizer around, others say never use it on your vegetable garden - anyone know for sure?
3) All of the articles just say to compost it, but give no special instructions or advice - how do you know when poo (let's use chicken fecal material as an example) is composted enough that it will not burn your plants or roots?
Thank you in advance for any help anyone can provide... and yes, this is actually a real question not a joke.