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Thread: Frogs and fertilizer?

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    That's a shame. Any idea what was wrong? Stress level of being caught/imported, parasites, that fungus (Cythid sp?) that happens when frogs are kept too warm (or is that only in SA frogs)?

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    no clue looked healthy and happy when we got them.....they were eating fine aswell......but they started dropping off after a couple weeks.....Pyro and i put alot of effort in to reading everything we could find before actually acquiring them aswell....he also had help of some amphibian experts on his end but IIRC i had the last frog standing....but only by about a week or so.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by swords View Post
    Yes, bow before Lord Algol commander of the Gnosis Engine! LOL

    Those Malaysian horned frogs are cool! Been looking at them in the for sale ads on Kingsnake but haven't done much research on them yet. I wish I knew how loud the calls of the various frogs are that I would like. I'm hoping to be rid of crickets to avoid extraneous noises. Some of the dart frogs have pretty awful calls from what I've seen/heard on you tube, good luck sleeping through all that racket!
    sounds something like u are getting lured to the herp /t hobby pretty quick! CONGRATS i now have hopes of u actually drowning in it like me:P
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