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Thread: How to Sexually Propagate Your [VF]T

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    How to Sexually Propagate Your [VF]T

    First off, are Ts asexual? Doesn't a female T kill a male if they are in the same cage? How do they reproduce? I'm just wondering because it would be great for my to-be G. Rosea female to have little baby Ts.
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    Yes Ts need to mate to breed. The female doesn't always kill the male however, males don't live too long after they become sexually mature (they won't usually survive a molt after they become adults) so it doesn't matter too much if she eats him unless they don't mate first, or you were planning on using him to stud other females.

    If you get the book The Tarantula Keepers Guide it will give you a great education in Tarantula biology, basic husbandry, etc. get it and read it before you buy a T, that's what I did to make sure I really wanted one. I figured if I was still excited about T's at the end of the book I would get one - I got two! LOL I've looked at other Tarantula books but this is the one worth having, unless there's something even more advanced out there but I haven't found it yet.

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