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Thread: built new chameleon cage

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    A lot of suppliers now also have the Pitted Pygmy available who are shorter but have a taller hunch back, I've read reports that the Pitted are not as hardy or temp tolerant as the R. brevicaudatus. Anyone ever keep pygmies?

    I have plans for a trio to go in a 37 gallon cube aquarium (20" L x 18 W x 24" H) that I modified into a sliding front vivarium last January but never did anything with. I need to get it decorated and planted before I think about ordering them though. From my research they like hiding in leaf litter on the tank bottom and climbing on very thin twig highways, and broad leaf plants. Especially trees with small leaves shaped like themselves such as Ficus benjamina. As luck would have it I have half a dozen divisions (now short trees) of FB between 1-2 feet high on my patio waiting for a purpose in life. So the pygmies would be very happy I think with one or two of these in there.
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