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Thread: a few new kids

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    a few new kids

    awful pics, but i've never been real interested in photography nor do i have the patience to spend a lot of time getting the perfect shot.

    0.1 rf ultramel

    0.1 (probably) rf fire

    0.1 tarahumara boa

    1.0 tarahumara boa

    these are my first boas and i really like them. the female is super hissy though and i admit, i'm a bit intimidated. the male is super layed back.
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    Nice looking boas. I bred several different forms of red tails for quite a few years.Tarahumaras can be a bit feisty, especially when young but generally tame up like most other red tail forms. I had a few Peruvians that never really fully calmed down but, in general most red tails will become very docile in time. Don't be intimidated by her striking at you, just keep handling her and always feed them outside of their enclosure. Most of the strikes will be bluffs and even if she does land a few, they don't hurt much at that size. You probably picked one of the best forms to start out with. Tarahumaras generally stay under or around 36" and are from a cooler mountain range in northern Mexico which makes them extremely easy captives.

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    Nice lookin' critters. I take it from your selection that you are planning on doing some breeding?

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