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Thread: Giant mealworms ==> bugs!

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    5 of my giant mealworms turned into beetles!! anyways, im trying to get my superworms to pupate....but i read somewhere that they didnt not turn into beetles, therefore lasted this true? if not, how can i make than pupate? thanks

    by the way, they actually bite!! it kinda surprised me...freaked me out at first!

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    Hi I've never posted here... So just lemme take time to say hi all. This prolly isn't the forum to introduce mysel... especially on a thread that only had one poster... but that adds to my mystique. Anyhow... super mealworms (i assume you meant super mealworms... or zophobus i think is the name) do turn into beetles... or else... they wouldn't be a larvae. Anyhow they pretty much require the same needs as regular mealworms. There is a wealth of info about raising insects online... or a nice small book is "Eat This Bug" a bit pricey for its size... but nice none-the-less. I keep super mealworms to feed my Giant Day Geckos...

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    oops... I posted the previous... I thought that was the subject line... when it was the name...

    *insert foot in mouth*

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