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I know this isnt tank related but related to the subject of not researching an animal before getting it

Anyways a friend of mine got 2 sugar gliders with out reading up on the intense care they need and proper diet, months later his female died due to not being fed the right food and not getting looked at by a vet right after getting the animals. Turns out i would be taking care of the sweet male glider for the weekend, that weekend turned to months where i was forced to look up proper care knowing that the food he had was bad for them so i ended up rushing out to the store getting fresh fruits/veggies and ordering a good food where you just add water to it. I offered to pay him to keep the animal and no more then a week after saying that the glider dies, cause unknown but probably from being sick to begin with. I did not own the glider yet so i couldnt take it to the vet sad as it was and he still insisted i give him 200 for dead animal. the deal was that it was for a live animal not dead and his stupid ex was the one pressuring him because he had a kid with her

I hate people that dont research and end up complaining when something goes wrong, i lost all respect for him and it pretty much ended what friendship we did have
That is sad. I hate those people that don't research.
Actually, I was that person a year ago. I tried getting into saltwater a year ago by buying cuttlefish of all things. I kept on telling myself it was fine, when it obviously was not, and it died days after being put in the tank. I got into cps to redeem myself. Whenever I find my thoughts straying into thinking, "It'll do fine!", I don't get whatever I'm thinking of.
The only good side is that I didn't blame others for my mistakes; I learned instead.