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Thread: Seahorses

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    Has anyone had a seahorse tank before? I'm just wondering, because I've had them for years, and I was just seeing if anyone shared the same interest as I do!


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    Wenny, So far I have been a freshwater geek with planted tanks. I am currently in the process of building an 85 gallon hex up, and it will be an indo-pacific reef with lionfish..

    sadly, I think a seahorse is not only incompatible (sea horses are inner reef right?) but an expensive snack.
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    Glad to hear you're gonna test the waters with a BIG tank! Lots of room for a little error!!!! That is a GOOD thing with big tanks .

    Seahorses aren't really a snack for anyone haha, since they have a really hard exoshell. It's really better to have them either by themselves or with some very small damsels or something like that with a very calm temperment! Seahorses can't fight for food...they're actually pretty lazy and just sit there until it swims by! My seahorses are actually VERY spoiled, as they get hand fed by me, so that I make sure they're eating properly. Otherwise, it only takes a few days for the little guys to starve to death!

    Lionfish are VERY cool! I just don't like the whole "getting stung" part about them! But, I have had them, and they are tempermental! What other fish do you plan on putting in with them?


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