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Thread: Nepenthes tenuis - a (small) sensation:-)

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    Hi Nepenthophiles,

    a few hours ago I posted the first ever published color photographs of Nepenthes tenuis in the German GFP-forum.

    Due to time shift, I expected to have a few more hours before having to post them here as well, but did not think about the Germans here in the Pet Flytrap forum...;-) So they have been already discovered (see thread by Joachim).

    A little late here now is the version in English:

    A few weeks ago Joachim Nerz, Michael Schach, our indonesian friends, my girlfriend Barbara Kistler and myself rediscovered Nepenthes tenuis, which was already thought to be lost, after several expeditions to rediscover it had remained unsuccessful.

    Until a few weeks ago only a single bw photograph of the (still living) herbarium specimen collected by Prof. Mejier in the 1950s was existing.
    BTW, based on this specimen, which was lying unnoticed in the Leiden Herbarium for decades Joacim Nerz and myself based the protologue we published in CPN a few years ago.

    Now, finally we know that the species really is a good one, that it's alive and (for my taste) also is a very nice plant.

    Have fun:-)


    Upper pitcher:

    Lower pitcher:

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    Welcome Andreas!
    It's just great to see the actual nep hunters of the world popping up here!

    N. tenuis looks like an amazing plant indeed... so when can I buy one? he he!
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    Very nice Andreas! N.Tenuis looks just like a cross between an N.mira and an N.tanlangensis. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Dear Dustin,

    maybe one of the most interesting facts about the plant is the size. Except for N. argentii, I'm quite sure it is the smallest species in the genus (which puts it quite apart from N. talangensis :-) ). The upper pitchers just are something like 2-3 cm in length - a bit more than an inch.



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    Andreas, from look at the picture is looks alot bigger than 2-3 cm. yes it does fit right along w/ argentii but, w/ a big belly and wider lip. when do you exspect it to be able to go out into other growers hands.
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    Hi again Andreas, wow this one is certainly the mini guy! Perhaps it should have been named Nepenthes Miniensis! [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/biggrin.gif[/img] This guy should be a treat sometime if he gets into tissue culture. [img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Danke, Andreas

    Do the local authorities give permits to take small tissue samples? Or even seeds?

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    Fantastic find Andreas and the rest of the adventurers!

    Is that a Nepenthes in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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    Great find and great photo's Andreas, well done to you and your team.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with the world-wide CP community.
    Are there any plans to introduce this species into cultivation? Given it's good looks, small size and extreme rarity, I imagine this would be a very popular plant.


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