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Thread: Drosera auriculata

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    How do you grow this species?

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    I bought some seeds of this variety earlier this year and none germinated but it was because I messed up.

    They grow in the winter so they like to grow when it's really cool. And if it gets too hot, they die down to the tubers. This is a natural occurence in the summer. I've heard from numerous sources that it is the easiest tuberous drosera to grow. sum it all up..

    Winter Grower
    Max Temp- 75
    Min Temp- 35
    Germination- Keep the seeds humid, cool, and wet and they should germinate. I kept mine too hot so they didn't grow. I just ordered some more seeds 2 weeks ago.

    This information is not really experience but this is the information I've gathered from sites because I researched D. auriculata a lot before I ordered them.
    I'm back?

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