Last winter a number of my D. whittakeri started to look sickly. These plants eventually rotted and died.
I waited until my two remaining plants were completely dormant and repotted them in fresh compost. The 4 tubers I got out of the pots looked healthy.
Now one of the 4 plants has just started to show through.
And it is displaying the same unhealthy appearance. Small growth, no dew or even anywhere it could develop! And the colour is none too good looking either. I have sprayed just in case of any pests though none have been seen.
My other three plants have yet to make an apperance.

I also got a further tuber earlier this year and this is looking fine;

As I have been growing this species and collecting its fresh tubers since 1992 with no problems I am very curious as to why I am having these problems now!! I grow in 50/50 peat/sand and give them full sun in growth. Leaving the pots under the staging in the summer barely moist.

Any ideas, as I don't to lose any more!!