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Thread: Anti damp off soil

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    0 Thread(s) scroll to the ninth product, an anti damp off soil, but can it be used for drosoophyllum?
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    Hmmm... this product sounds like milled sphagnum to me. The only question I have is: what else do they put in it? Sometimes these soil products can contain lime as a pH buffer, this would be bad!

    Most substrate recipies for Drosophyllum call for a mix of peat, sand and perlite or such... I suppose a person could substitute milled sphagnum for the peat, although I have no experience doing that.

    IMHO, one would do better with the 'generally prescribed' mix and some attention to air-flow and light. This is what I plan on doing with the seeds Jeremiah is generously providing over here...(suggested sowing instructions)

    - Mike

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