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Thread: Drosera x tokaiensis

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    I recieved seed from someone on the boards of this hybrid last year, probably around this time. Sadly my record keeping wasn't as good back then.. Anyway, I didn't sow them until a few months ago, they got buried in the fridge, but now I have flowering plants.

    Now I have a few Questions.

    It seems the color of my flowers is pretty far off. I haven't caught one open yet, but with just the tips of a flower poking out, it clearly isn't the pale purple of the photos on Z's photo finder.

    Sorry pics aren't the best, they are quickies.

    Does anyone else have this hybrid with flowers any other color then purple-pale purple?

    How do 2 white flowered plants combine to make purple in the first place?

    Any ideas as what this might be if the seed wasn't IDed properly?
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    could be, but mine have some variability- the ones that flower indoors under lights have darker-looking flowers (and this could only be a trick of perception)
    Looks about right to me, from the pics, tho I am hardly a master

    Odd that it makes purple flowers tho, I don't know why that would result, hopefuly the explanation appears in this very thread
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