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Thread: D. anglica X seeds

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    I jest harvested a bunch of seeds from my D. anglica 'Kauia Swamp form X (california X alaska anglica )
    Does any one know if these seeds will be the hybrids, sterile or revert back to all 3 parents?
    Thanx and keep 'em plants growin'
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    Well, I cannot say from experience, I'll leave that to the experts, but I can put in my thoughts.

    I see no particular reason for the seed to be sterile, as I read it. If the seeds are a cross of two different forms of the same species, then probability would lead me to believe that they should be fertile and viable. I'd imagine that the resulting offspring would be a mix (a very interesting one at that) of the parents.

    Hopefully the seed will grow well for you and you can take some shots for us! I'd love to see these plants when they decide to show us what traits they inherited.
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    I have D. anglica, but I'm not sure if it's a cross of anything in particular. It may be (Ca x Hi) and they produced seeds earlier this season. Those seeds germinated for me. Perhaps BigCarnivourKid can help. He supplied me with a specimen two years ago.

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