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Quote[/b] (rattler_mt @ Aug. 20 2006,7:54)]conditions havent changed since being placed in there, better not be going dormant, will keep an eye on it though. have you put this species through dormancy before, Ron?
Not D. falconeri. While the standard guidance is to reduce moisture when the leaves get smaller - I haven't found any 'guaranteed' method yet. Seems that the more of these plants I grow, the more I see permutations on the dormancy theme as well as exceptions.

As Pyro noted, some plants seem to 'cycle' up and down through their growing season - 'tricking' you into thinking they may be going dormant. However, when you assume its a head fake - they really go dormant. I have a D. lanata & a D. ordensis which just did this. Ironically, the D. lanata was a pup from a larger plant that has refused to go dormant for almost 2 years...

For some additional reading on the topic, here's an older thread with some interesting information: Petio dormancy