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Thread: 3 Queensland Sisters

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    Admin- I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az. adnedarn's Avatar
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    Hello- I was at the green house today, and noticed the "3 Queensland Sisters" I have are doing well
    so I figured I'd share a picture... The D. adelae is from the auction (although i have others that are
    in the sun, very red, and much smaller.. this one kept in shade looks cool ) the D. prolifera is doing good,
    i've made 1 offset and have another flower shoot along the media hopping for another one... And the
    D. schizandra I got recently from someone hoping it they would grow better in my area than theirs. I think
    he kept a few too- But mine are at least already showing much improvement... *NO I'm not gonna tell you who
    it was so you could bug him... lol*

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    They look very nice. I too keep the D. adelae and prolifera growing in the "shade". Actually about 6-10" away from the end of the flourescent fixtures. Last summer the D. adelae were outside and got too much heat and sun, and fffffwwwwwiiipt they were sticks. Luckily they came back after moving them inside. I'm just one sister short of a full load ! Aww come on you know nobody would bug anyone about extras. We're all family here ? Sheesh I'd happily part with and extra capensis for one of those.
    Here's a couple of my babies in 6" pots on an east windowsill.
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    I just aquired a D. schizandra and so far it's doing well. I really hope it grows to like my conditions and thrives!

    Right now he's just a little guy, probably no bigger than a quarter, but he's growing. Perhaps I can post a picture soon if I have the time.

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