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Thread: feeding my sundews

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    Ok, based on reading a past thread on feeding CP's, I just tried the stunned ant method. It worked great!

    Trying to catch live ants is tough as they run all over the place.
    Instead i collected as many live ants as i could using a stick and a glass jar with lid.

    I then put it in the freezer for about 5 minutes or so. This was enough to render the ants out cold (ponder the pun )

    I then could use tweezers and placed on the sundews.

    The ants recover....but it's too late! muaahhhahhhh!
    Please check my website for photos:

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    I used to catch flies alive at the lab in which I worked and then put them in a 50 ml tube, and then into the fridge. Then I'd take the unconscious flies and put them in the traps. Of course they woke up to being trapped and causing the traps to be stimulated further. Sadistic when I you think about it!

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