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Thread: newbie tropical sundew questions

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    newbie tropical sundew questions

    Due to my growing conditions I have always stayed with temperate species, but after getting my D. graomogolensis I have been bitten buy the bug so to speak. So I made a seed order which included the following tropical sundews:

    D. aliciae
    D. admirabilis
    D. venusta
    D. sessilifolia
    D. auyan tepui

    (and a 200 seed "grab bag" of 20-50 species/forms, I'm not too concerned about these at the moment, they are a mix of temperate and tropical... so I figure they will be a catch 22 on germination)

    I have read that my choices will require hot stratification, hence my question

    What are some possible methods used when dealing with a constant 68f home temp (currently all my stuff is set up in an unheated basement)

    I will probably get a small 2 bulb T5 fixture and use it above a 10 gallon aquarium once the seeds have sprouted, keeping a few of each and trading off the rest

    any and all advice will be greatly appreciated,


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    D.aliciae will germinate without any sort of fancy treatment, I have done it a few times with the exact set-up you decribe, so I wouldn't sweat that one, the others I don't know tho
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