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Thread: Fungus on Sundew

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    Exclamation Fungus on Sundew

    What can I do with the fungus that grows on my sundew leaves? After it digests a bug
    it turns all white and furry. I think it's fungus.. How can I get rid of it?
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    If you have a fine pair of forceps (tweezers) pick the carcass off. If not, leave it there. With a small watercolor brush dab on some rubbing alcohol. 50-70%, although you may have to dilute it - you'll just have to see. Or diluted hydrogen peroxide 3% diluted at least 2-1 as much as 10-1. Don't soak the leaves which is why a brush is better than a cotton swap - better control. The leaves may not get their dew back but hopefully the fuzz is gone.

    If you are feeding them a particular insect, stop feeding with that insect. Otherwise you probably need better air circulation around the plant.
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