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Dang. At least it wasn't a cranefly...
Btw, I love your P. 'Aphrodite'
Thanks, I guess it likes the lights I have it under.

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that's pretty awesome. I love your pygmies, they are adorable!
I love the carpet effect they get with enough of them.. just beautiful.
Yeah I was worried that they'd be all crowded but now I can't wait for them to flower! It's gonna look like a forest on top of another forest!

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Seems a capensis seedling, but as seedling it can look like lots of other sundews...
I'm just blaming the usual suspect
That's actually the first thing I thought, but I really hope not. I hope it's something rare and mysterious.. since I got the seeds from a place that specializes in rare seeds. It has been growing incredibly fast.. so it probably IS some kind of capensis. :/