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Thread: D. intermedia x D. rotundifolia leaf cutting - pic

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    D. intermedia x D. rotundifolia leaf cutting - pic

    While at the Pine Barrens with some other cp friends last month, one of them came across this plant.

    This is Drosera intermedia x rotundifolia (Drosera x beleziana).

    2 leaves were removed from the plant. One went with me and one with the person that discovered the plant. Our hope was to be able to propagate it from the leaf cutting so we could each grow this plant.

    This is what my leaf is doing for me.

    So far I see 3 plants starting from the leaf.

    My Grow List Updated 8/24/17

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    Good job with the spouting! Looks like placing the leaves in live LFS is all that is needed. I think that's the first time I've seen sprouts coming up in the traps.

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