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Thread: Surprise 'dew!

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    Surprise 'dew!

    Last sumer I ordered some bags of live moss from a well known nursery. I had some growing in a tank and noticed a sundew had popped up in the moss unexpectedly! I was very excited and transplanted it to its own pot, but it died before I could tell what it was.

    Fast forward several months and another one started popping up. I extracted it much more carefully this time and put it back in the tank in its own pot. I was still too small for me to be able to tell so I waited. After a bit, it died too but another started popping up in the pot. This one is thriving and I had an idea of what it was but wanted to wait to be sure.

    Would it be something not in my collection? Would it be something fairly hard to come by that would make me the envy of the forum here?

    It turned out to be...

    a freakin' adelae!

    unless there is something else that looks just like adelaes, that is what I have!

    I can't figure out how though. I had assumed that a stray seed near the moss had snuggled down in it and figured a way to get to the surface. I guess they chopped the moss and grabbed a little adelae root as well?

    Hey, a CP is a CP though. I wish it many tasty meals. It just has to share with the many many other adelaes.

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    hehe good old Adelae. Mine are being sneaky at the moment. I left my tray doing it's own thing for a while, a runner not only grew out the bottom of the pot sprouting a full plant in just water... but started sneaking into the pot next to it through the bottom!
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