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Thread: Plants been hit bad.... advice welcome

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    Plants been hit bad.... advice welcome

    I have a Drosera Capensis

    Firstly I have just noticed bugs, on it how do a Kill them ?

    The plant has died back since I bought it after a cold snap, my window was open and it did get very cold and I am wondering if that's whats made it die back..

    Current State now

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    im surprised that would happen indoors just being *next* to an open window..
    but I suppose its possible..

    the little white bugs looks like either white flies or aphids..treatment is the same either way..

    this is what I would do if this was my plant:

    cut away all the old stringy green-brown growth, cut it right down to the surface, leaving only the small new green shoots.

    then dunk the whole thing in a bucket of water (tap water is fine for this..tap wont hurt it short-term).
    or if you happen to have a jug of distilled..even better.
    room temp water, dunk the whole plant and pot for a day or two..hold the whole pot underwater with a brick or rock.

    that should kill the bugs..

    take it back out, put it back in its water tray, commence watering with the "good" water again,
    and the plant will probably recover better than ever.


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    Good ol moss looks healthy.

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