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Thread: fungus gnats

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    fungus gnats

    how do i get rid of them. those little s ate 3 of my tuberous droseras and are working on the 4. how do i get rid of them? plz hurry

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    In my experience with them, they normally only show up when something is rotting or maybe your media is too moist and the tubers are starting to rot? Otherwise, bring your other cps near the problem and they all get eaten- pitcher plants worked really well for me. Good luck
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    Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) will get rid of them.

    Buy a few Mosquito Dunks, break off a small chunk and put it in your water tray. After a few weeks no more fungus gnats. It only kills the larvae so it takes a generation and a half to get 'em all (4-6 weeks). Just replace the chunk after it dissolves and you'll never have fungus gnats again. Do not use with Utricularia as the larvae are a good food source for the bladders.

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