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Thread: Drosera Prolifera

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    Ahh ok that i what I figured. Then I will have a ways to go regardless. I find their flowers to be some of the prettiest in Drosera. (I think)
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    I grow mine on the second shelf below trays of plants, so definitely lower light levels. My plants seem to do very well as long as they get some warm temps in the day. Last winter when the temps were 60day and 45 night they didn't look good at all. but for summer temps 90f day 75f night it does great and it also is doing very well this year in my newly set up warmer greenhouse where it sees 85f days and 50f nights. I'm not sure humidity is highly important buy I'm going to say my greenhouse isn't ever under 45% or so.

    Excuse the blurry picture but I took a screen shot of a video I had taken last week for someone... but you get the idea I think.

    I'll try to remember to get some better pics next time I'm at the greenhouse... You can see all the flower stalks going all over the place, I really need to get more of them redirected. They come so fast!

    Hope that helps and good luck!

    PS for media my main plant is in a 3.5" pot of perlite with a topping of live sphagnum. I can't remember off the top of my head what I have in the other pot.
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    Of the 3 sisters, D. prolifera is in the middle as far as growing requirements IMHO. D. adelae is a weed & D. schizandra is the picky one. If D. schizandra is reasonably happy, the other 2 thrive IME. When any of them are reasonably happy, they are very easy to propagate - so get the conditions down & you'll have many more plants than you can handle....

    Here are a few threads with some info on D. schizandra ... general - 2 page thread, general, media, drier.

    IIRC, there is someone in the NECPS who has good success w/ D. prolifera in less humid conditions ...
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