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Thread: Drosophyllum finally sprouted!

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    Fryster - Don't give up on the Drosophyllum seeds. Just keep them moist and next Spring put the pot out in a nice sunny location and continue to keep it moist.

    For the tuberous sundews you have had since March...

    What you should have done is sown and watered them a couple times then let the pots dry out for the Summer. Then resumed watering in the Fall. At this stage I would continue to keep them moist through Feb. or March and then let them start to dry out. Come June, July, August they should be bone dry and put in a sunny location to bake in the sun. Don't let them get wet! Then next Fall, mid September or so, begin watering again. Rinse and repeat for a number of years. I had 3 more D. erythrorihza seedlings germinate this year that were sown 4 or 5 years ago. Also, pay careful attention to the pot. Tuberous sundew seedlings the first year will only put out a few leaves and may reach all of a few millimeters across. They are easy to miss.
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    I have grown numerous tuberous from seed and Tony is 100% on this. Sow the seed early in spring and then water well once then let them sit and bake all summer. Come fall put them on a tray and keep them wet. And check every other day. And then be ready to repeat the whole dry and wet thing for years. D. ramellosa took me 3 years, all my whittakerii have taken 2 years. Based on the appearance of the seed I am willing to bet that stolonifera and erythrorhiza complex are going to take at least one seasonal cycle before you see germination.
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