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Thread: Drosera Peltata ssp. Auriculata Log.

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    Drosera Peltata ssp. Auriculata Log.

    Does anyone have tips of growing this? I received some seedlings from Jfoley, Thanks!, and she said that they might not survive shipping. But they did! Ha! The evil men of the shipping office have once yet again failed at an attempt to thwart my incoming plants. ^^ I think that they have accustimized to my terranium alread, since they've grown new leaves. I've gotten them as little specks of green.
    I want to keep a log of their progress, so every Friday, ill update it. Also, tips and opinions will also be accepted! Haha. I haveno clue how to grow tuberous sundews, so any help will be appreciated. Theres also a 3rd plant somewhere in the pot, but its still growing. o_o

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    Here you go, see Pyro's sticky How I Grow Tuberous Drosera

    Drosera peltata is one of the easier of the tuberous Drosera to grow being more forgiving and tolerant of wet conditions while dormant.

    Also scroll to the very bottom of the page and see what suggested similar threads are available.
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