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Thread: [Dr. Frankenstein voice] "It's alive!"

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    [Dr. Frankenstein voice] "It's alive!"

    Jan1 -Received two drosophyllum seeds and I took 400 grit sandpaper, sanded two sides of each seed until I could see white. I then soaked them in water for about 24 hours. After that, I took a shallow tray and filled it with perlite, and added water to the top of the tray. Upon this I placed the seeds and kept in my highland growrack.

    Jan15 - One seed showed signs of life, so I placed it into it's permanent home - an 8 inch pot filled with a mixture of sand, perlite, and aquatic plant soil (LECA). This has a topdressing of 1" of aquatic plant soil for aesthetics. Over this I placed a water tray to keep it moist and humid.

    Once a day I sprayed a fine mist onto the surface, and replaced the humidiy dome (tray).

    A week ago I took the tray off for one day - and despite being in a humid growchamber, within 12 hours it was wilted. I panicked and gave it a good dose of water and replaced the tray once more. Within a few hours it perked up. I found that despite having several leaves, it still did not have any roots whatsoever.

    2 days ago: Took off the humidity dome/tray once more. Give it a fine spray in the morning. It is doing fine and has developed a small root. I still keep it in the growchamber for now. The other seed never germinated.

    So now I hope that this sole plant survives the next few months, and that I don't screw things up!

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    I just did essentially the same thing only I didn't sand it down as far and I left the seeds soaking for a week. I'd be thrilled if even one germinated!

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