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Thread: A few dews

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    Hi Tamlin,

    Thank you for the compliments . I don't top water my plants. I have all the pots sitting in a large tray. If fill it up anywhere from 1/4" to an inch and let it dry a few days between waterings. At one time I was keeping it wet all the time, but had problems with some of the dormant and semi-dormant plants rotting. Letting it dry for a few days is enough to get every pot rather dry with the heat. So far, it seems to be a good compromise for the actively growing plants and the ones that are experiencing dormancy. I have problems with the dormant plants getting too dry and kicking the bucket if I remove them to their own 'drier' location. I've already tried that and lost more plants than I want to count.

    It's funny that you comment on my mix. I think about every woolly is in a slightly different mix lol. I keep it simple though with either sand or perlite (sometimes both) mixed with peat. I won't be using the sand as a top dressing anymore. It's messy if water gets splashed on it and it has a tendency to turn colors (brown, black).

    I totally agree with you on the Smash Mouth question. Very interesting band .

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    Ah, the old "wet to dry" protocol! This explains the commmendable lack of green goo, mosses and molds. Occasional top watering is good too, it can help reduce accumulated salts.

    The resting and dormant plants don't really want DRY. I lost so many species before I realized that dry doesn't mean dry, lol.

    I always used milled long fiber sphagnum/perlite 50/50 with some laterite and sand added on top for the pets. I think they appreciated the laterite, a little taste of home for them and it might have contributed to their prosperity.

    I'm unfamiliar with Smash Mouth actually. I isolated myself from the media back in the 70's for mental health (guess THAT didn't work) but will keep alert for their sounds! Y'know, I almost cut my hair. it happened just the other day.....Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young got the long hair thing going as a protest against the Kent State incident. I guess I still protest and will keep the hair.

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    Beautiful kenneallyi! While I really enjoyed growing the petios, D. kenneallyi was probably my favorite - it has such a classic look - with the really thin, long petioles coupled with the large circular traps. Looks like you've got at least one nice pup coming along there also...
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