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Thread: Drosera Pollination

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    Drosera Pollination

    I am interested in Drosera pollination. I have several Drosera flowering right now such as capensis, spatulata, spatulata fraser island, spatulata x capensis, venusta, capillares, omissa x pulchella, nitidula x pulchella, and my adelae. Can I pollinate any mix I want for seed? which ones do not cross pollinate? I am interested in mixing venusta x capillares as they both color very nicely in direct sun.

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    The main factors you need to follow for success with hybridization include:
    Plants must have a close relation (ie. similarity/location).
    Chromosome counts are also important-here's a good list to get you started
    But there are no guarantees. You could give the D. venusta x D. capillaris a shot, but I've never heard of a success story with that one. I know that D. capillaris isn't from South Africa, so that may not be compatible. A possiblility that may work better is D. venusta x D. capensis since they are both from South Africa.
    Good luck!
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