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Thread: !Flowers! (Pics)

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    I bought a lot of species from a lot of "reputable" nurseries and many are not what they say they are!
    It's fairly simple for a "reputable" nursery to have mix ups when that nursery has an open sales and showroom where people will pull the labels out of the pots to read them and either not replace them or mix them up.

    That's why the curator at the Huntington doesn't want people touching the labels of the pots in the greenhouse.

    As far as properly identifying these plants you need to wait for them to flower and compare them to Lowrie's orginal drawings and descriptions. Since these books are long out of print and command very steep prices on the used market not many people have access to them.
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    You have a half point there on the labels comment... but looking at the leaves how can you confuse nitidula x pulchella with omissa x pulchella when you grow both for some time? ...or Lake Badgerup with patens? We all make mistakes. I make mistakes but one is to make a mistake and other to not know what you're selling even when the plant is in flower!
    More than a point on the books...they are really expensive!!! I haven't seen one under 200$.
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