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Thread: Introducing D. Capensis to the wild...huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcantrell View Post
    Except when the Cape Sundews kill off all the Pitcher Plants and natural Sundews in an area.

    Read up on Kudzu sometime. Introduced species = bad, even if they're attractive.
    Yea i know about kudzu and water hyacinths. There are some D. Capensis in Florida too. And VFts in NJ and Florida. I'm not agreeing with the youtuber's action--seemed more like an art project.

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    That person needs a smacking.
    The following statement is true.
    The above statement is false.
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    If someone could hybridize capensis with kudzu they could take over the world...

    Edit: On a serious note, I can only conclude the video is some lame attempt at humor I don't get. According to the dots on the map, they tried to plant these things all over Northern Europe, and you see the sites: lawns, forest floors, containers of potting soil, etc. If it was a serious attempt at introducing capensis, it's a completely uneducated and doomed one.

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