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Thread: D. rotundafolia seeds

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    D. rotundafolia seeds

    This spring I bought some D. rotundafolia seed off of ebay. I was told they had been refrigerated all winter ( I'm assuming dry). My questions are 1. what are the chances they will germinate with no 'wet' winter. 2. will the seed last in their soil (lfs) through summer heat then germinate next year after wet cold statifaction this winter. Thanks for your replies in advance. Jack
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    Unrefrigerated almost all carnivorous plant seeds have limited viability. A few months at the most. Your best bet is either to stratify them now (cold and damp conditions) for 4-5 weeks or keep them cold stored until next Dec/Jan/Feb and stratify them. Germinating them in June might be pushing it as far as a growing season goes. You might be able to get away with growing them under lights and skipping dormancy the first year.
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    Just to clarify, storage is cold and fry. To germinate, you do cold stratification, which is cold and damp. What I have done is put seeds in sealed plastic containers, in the butter keeper.

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