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Thread: new component for soil mix

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    new component for soil mix

    Iam new in the area of Drosera seedling

    I use mix of- peat mos 50%, perlite 25% , vermikolit 25% , and extra professional edition TRICHODERMA.
    cited from scientific ticle:TRICHODERMA (free-living fungi -being parasites of other plant harmful fungi, lack of pathogenicity to plants)
    "Root colonization by Trichoderma spp. also frequently enhances root growth and development, crop productivity, resistance to abiotic stresses and the uptake and use of nutrients."
    I can send the full article by email- couldn't upload it!

    general results from my seedlings:
    Preventing mold and funges-I had grait success .
    Germinating-almost zero success

    1. Does anyone have experience with sol mix of African , tropical,Australian Droseras?
    2. I know that a lot of growers put 50% sand , is it necessary for germinating?


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    I believe Av8tor, a member on here, uses Trichoderma frequently on his Cephalotus and has good results.

    Good soil mixes for the sundews you listed is generally a 50/50 mixture of sand and peat. However, this can sometimes vary with specific plants.

    I don't think the 50% sand is put into the mix for seeds to germinate, but because it is usually the correct medium for the plant to grow in, as I stated above. The seeds would probably germinate on a variety of different mediums, like LFS.

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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