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Thread: D. Regia media suggestions

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    D. Regia media suggestions

    As the title suggests, i am getting a D Regia today, or very shortly... Would anyone who has this majestic king sundew have a good mix they'd like to share with me, 50/50 peat and sand works well with every other dew I have. I'm just wondering if anyone has any other prefered mixes?

    Standing in an inch of water(tray method)?
    I bought a 'cache-pot', and I'm thinking of just making an ultra minibog out of a non perforated planter.

    Do these guys propagate well through roots, cause if it's like binata, I could just as well before potting it, take a small piece of root and hope for the best

    Many thanks in advance to those who can answer from experience
    Grow list...

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    Mine is in a mix of sand and peat, with a topdressing of LFS. It does best while it's outside.

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    100% Live Sphagnum seems to be ideal for many growers.

    Otherwise airy mixes of a least 50% sand or perlite. Organic part can be peat moss or long fiber sphagnum moss. A top dressing of live Sphagnum is often used.

    I have a R1 clone growing in 60-75% perlite 40-25% LFS and a "C" clone in 50/50 peat/perlite. The R1 clone has a top dressing of sand and on top of the live Sphagnum.

    I treat them pretty much as my Darlingtonia and top water at least once daily and rarely let them stand in water. On very hot days I sometimes lightly mist them at dusk.
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