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Thread: Drosera - Dialup Warning

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    Awesome dews as usual.

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    gorgeous plants, Crissytal!

    @ Woodnative:
    D. graomogolensis has been the easiest sundew for me, since it has grown well even in 85F temps we have here during the Iowa summer. The Villosa and Ascendens in the same pot wilted after growing in the same temps as the Graomogolensis, but recovered when I brought them to the cooler basement. I have yet to move the D. graomogolensis, so it seems to tolerate warmer temps very well.

    D. tomentosa also tolerates warmer temps for me very well, only if it's grown in live sphagnum for some reason... it always rots on me if I have it in warm temps and a peat: sand mix. However, it has done well in a peat:sand/perlite mix in 70F temps.
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