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Thread: need help germinating d.capensis seeds

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    need help germinating d.capensis seeds

    i wanted to know if i must poke holes through the seran wrap thats covering my pot, (containing the 1:1 pete perlite. and seeds), in order to let air get in or must it be forming condensation drops on the inside top of the wrap surface creating the most humidity possible.

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    to be honest for Capensis I don't do anything special... all I do is put the pot ouside and keep it watered all the time... I never worry about humidity and those kinds of things... My germination is so high that I have to be taking them out from my other pots because it gets everywhere... So I think you don't need 100% humidity. Good growing...


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    It is patently difficult to prevent Drosera capensis from germinating under most any circumstance (they're the crab-grass of carnivores); I've tried . . .
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    I laughed when i saw the name of the thread, to the hobby!

    Capensis are bomb-proof, and spread like no other cp. They survive drought, overwatering and everything in between.

    Holes would be necessary to keep the temps inside the saran wrap at a tolerable level, otherwise they might cook in full sun. Good circulation also keeps the mold away, something that thrives in stagnant humid conditions...

    Good growing! They'll be just fine (without saran wrap, but on the tray method).
    Grow list...

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