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Thread: D. hamiltonii help

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    D. hamiltonii help

    Because of circumstances beyond my control my D. hamiltonii and ceph were neglected with very little water( tap water when they were watered) and no light for seven months. In Nov. 2009 they were returned to me and now in may 2010 they are doing great. my D. hamiltonii howevere has grow two seperate growing points and are pushing on one another so that they are growing sideways instead of up. I want to eventually seperate them ( when my leaf cutting mutures) and seperate them. my question: can I seperate them like I do with my D. capensis and transplant them from the stem? Thanks for the replies. Jack
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    glad your plants pulled through for you! ...and sorry to hear about your difficult situation.
    I'm not completely sure what transplanting them from the stem means, but if you're talking about taking a stem cutting, or at least just getting a few roots, you can do this with pretty much any sundew provided you baby them with higher humidity and don't give them severely high temperatures.

    Otherwise, you can attempt to divide them without disturbing the Ceph if that's possible.

    I'm sure that if you took a stem cutting with Capensis before, that you have the hang of it.
    I normally put mine in a clear cup with a clear lid on it (under fluorescent lights) with some moist long fibered sphagnum moss and let it sit for several months before I pot it up or trade it away to someone.
    This is what D. madagascariensis and D. venusta stem cuttings looked like after getting established in my setup (lid was taken off for the picture and the D. madagascariensis was a bit cramped to say the least:
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