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Thread: Ever see a drosera umbrella?!?!?

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    that is a very cool find. The local stores dont tend to carry very many dews. I would love to find something like that. Are you seeing roots fromt he umbrella growth yet.

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    A fine example of false vivipary (if it is false, I'm not too sure on that)! I believe this is Drosera tokaiensis, which is a natural hybrid Drosera spatulata x D. rotundifolia. The process usually happens on the flower scape and happens when the bud sepals become modified. If I recall correctly it's the sepals that are actually modified leaves, formed as a result of developmental inhibition. It can also happen anywhere where a leaf scale occurs, like at the stem axils in Rattler's tuberous example. I've seen it in Drosera sessilifolia and several of the pygmy species. I can't remember if roots form naturally in the process. Very nice plant you have there!
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