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Thread: Photoperiod: how short is too short?

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    Glad to hear things are turning around. Sounds like most of your dews should be happy by the end of the month.

    As for the "nifty automatic watering setup" it's pretty much as boring as you can get, using the water inversion trick... lol. I'm only trying to make it a bit more large-scale- Here are 2 pics:
    (Sorry if this is way off topic. I should probably have started a new thread in another section)

    big filesize to see up close:

    You can get an idea from the top pic how the larger culligan container is working (by looking at the bottled water to the bottom left corner)- I basically took a few of those smaller pots (those green ones) and attached them to the neck of the 3-gallon culligan jug so that it raises up the jug .5 inches or so from the water tray level. I put the jug inside of a larger pot so that it stands up straight and prevents it from falling over.
    I can go about 2 months without having to fill up the culligan jug, but I need to fill the liter bottle up every 2 weeks. Basically, the only reason i have the 2 liter pop bottle is that I haven't had time to buy a larger tray and that's the main problem at this point...i'll get one over break though.

    I was thinking about making a rig using a longer pvc pipe- my idea was that you could put a screw cap on one end (the bottom) while you were filling it from the top, which could be sealed off when you were done filling it up) but this will take a bit of tinkering. As of now, I have to hold the end of the pop bottle until I get it in the water, and it spills out a bit, but it's not too much of a problem. The culligan jug is actually easier since the pots form a tight fit onto the neck of the bottle so that only a little water gets out before I get it situated.
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    That's a great idea! And to think we have that for the cat....

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