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Thread: D. graomogolensis pics and questions

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    Butch's plant flowered before it died down to the roots. As I recall he said the flowers aborted so no chance to get seeds. Tamlin said he was working with two clones. D. graminifolia is in tissue culture from Agristarts 3 so finding non-identical clones might be difficult. Since it's readily available I haven't tried propagating D. graminifolia.

    Warm temps seem to help with the D. graomogolensis cuttings. Andrew has no shortage of that during the summer. Since the plant grows so quickly you can easily take two or three cuttings a month per plant. At a wild guess I'm getting on the average 8 plantlets per leaf cutting. Do the math...

    I treat mine like most highland species Drosera - long fiber sphagnum with perlite, live Sphagnum topping. Top watered daily, seldom with standing water in the tray. It seems to like temperature drops at night and doesn't mind standing water.
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    Beautiful plant, Andy! And congrats with the success on the cutting.

    NaN, looks great! That's pretty much exactly what i do, too. Very nice explanation as well!
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