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Thread: an "update" on D. filiformis mold

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    an "update" on D. filiformis mold

    Well, so far so good! I've given the plant in question a benomyl bath twice now - I'm not telling anyone to do this, just volunteering information - and there still is some mold on the dead pitted areas, but nothing like earlier. The hibernaculum are beginning to open up, all of them - and the growth is green . I know I'm not completely out of the woods yet - I was going to start transplanting smaller plants - all 4" and problem children, but it's started raining today, and is supposed to pick up even more tomorrow and continue through the week, so no transplanting yet, and now I'll really have to watch over those Drosera, since fungus and wet rainy days go so great together

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    I've had mold like patches above the crowns of my D. Tracyi. They have done no damage and I have left them alone. The plants just push it away and emerge. However, I would be concerned if my D. filiformis plants were to have this mold on them as they have a different growth habit; they don't die completely back in the winter (they are from Florida.)

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