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Thread: DB's Byblis linifloras

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    DB's Byblis linifloras


    My Byblis liniflora seeds have started sprouting, and I thought I would share what I'm doing with them. This is my second attempt at growing them, my first attempt was actually 3 years ago when I first started growing CP's. The Byblis was my first ever CP grown from seed. pic..

    So, here is what I am doing this time:

    Soil: Roughly 1:1:2 - 10 grit silica sand:40 grit silica sand:Peatmoss (Basically 1:1 - sand:Peat)
    Humidity/watering: Around 50% - 60%, being grown in the tray method. Water level is very high. (about halfway up the pot until they start growing more)
    Temperature: Whatever my room temps are. Probably around 22 degrees celsius.
    Light: Two t8 32 watt tubes, the "cool" kind. (White light) Photoperiod is 12 hours a day.
    Pot size #1: Just over 3 inches wide and just below 4 inches tall. One plant in the pot. I kind of bend the plant a bit while measuring the pot.......... -_-
    Pot size #2: Just over 4 inches wide and just below 5 inches tall. Multiple plants soon. Only 4 right now.

    I didn't do any treatments to help germination, which explains the low and slow germination rate, but I don't need 50 plants anyway. So it's all good.

    I check for sprouts every day, and no matter how small they are I transplant them with a tooth pick into the larger pots. Total of 5 plants that have sprouted so far.

    Pics! (Sorry for over cropping them)
    Pot #1:
    Rainbow dash was my big brother's idea... He's a brony. The peeps that go on memebase or reddit will know what that means. :P

    Pot #2:

    I will update this thread when I feel like it, or when they have some noticeable growth.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Hey Devon! Looking great! Sticky green Ys!

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    Nice start! My fisrt time with B. liniflora I was given 23 seeds. I knew nothing about germination techniques at the time and treated like a sundew. In 10 days, all 23 germinated. I never had anything like that since. Beginner's luck for sure!

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