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Thread: Drosera regia ( No Dew )

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    Cool Drosera regia ( No Dew )

    I have a D. regia that i have had for about a month now and is not producing any dew. Any ideas? It was under a 400w mh, about 24 inches, temps in the 80s it produced very little dew. Just moved it outside days in the 80s now 50 at night. Peat/Pumice mix. I am wondering what the problem might be why it is producing very little dew.

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    These plants are sensitive to root disturbance and can take awhile to come back after being shipped and repotted. Give it more time to recover and adjust to your conditions. Adding a few pellets of Osmocote fertilizer (3 or 4) to the pot could help too. Get whichever has the highest nitrogen amount. Formulas vary from time to time.
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    In my experience..
    D. regia doesn't like to be kept too warm. Mid to upper 70*s max..
    Media moist, but not wet.
    Cooler temps, medium to low light, with good humidity.. and you'll see a nice dewy, quickly growing regia.

    However.. I can give you the names of at least 20 people that do the complete opposite with great results.
    What this breaks down to is what kind of regia are you growing?
    Typical or Big Easy? I grow typical.. so my recommendations may not even matter.
    Think of this as more of a guideline than a grow rule for the species.

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