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Thread: Scorpioides Help!

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    Scorpioides Help!

    A month or so ago, about half of the 10 Drosera Scorpioides plants in my pot started dying although the other 5 looked totally healthy. Then, just recently, the last few started dying back. Is there any particular cause of death that anyone can find? All of my other pygmies are doing great and flowering.

    One that just turned the corner:

    Thanks for any help you can give me!


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    Most pygmy Drosera will go dormant in the summer if the temperatures get high enough. I always have a very high mortality rate when they go dormant. It is rare that I've been able to keep an individual plant alive for longer than 3 years. Just "reseed" your pot (or start a new one) if you have a survivor produce gemmae in the fall/winter.
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