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Thread: Flowering help

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    Exclamation Flowering help

    I have a drosera burmannii plant, the kind from humpty doo australia, and im having a bit of trouble getting it to flower for me. I used to have three of them before but two of them got eaten by some kind of animal and died last month. Now i only have one left. Full sized and 5 months old. Im afraid this one will die eventually too. So i need it to set seed before i lose this species from my collection. Ive tried feeding it every week for months and it still hasnt flowered. Its getting plenty of light too. Does this species need a seasonal cue in order to start flowering? It gets a constant 14 hour photoperiod. From what ive heard this species should be a prolific flowerer, but all of my other plants (capensis, binata, spatulata, etc) seem to flower no problem. So, is there any way i can "force" it to flower?

    Heres a picture of the plant
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