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Thread: some new species/locations/hybrids on the gel

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    some new species/locations/hybrids on the gel

    .and here I add some pictures of today, mostly new cultures:

    drosera falconeri, still without root system, but flowering already

    drosera montana var. montana "Botumirin'

    drosera sp. 'Auyan Tepui' on semi-liquid gel (some dews grow much faster this way)

    drosera madagascariensis. Don't know how or why, but I never get this species right nutrition-wise. Always get a pale plants like this. Growing well though. Even with the excess of Mg and Fe they look like this. Perhaps sensitive to some element/compound? Not sure.

    My favourite and in my opinion very elegant plant, the drosera ascendens from Caminho do Mar

    germination of drosera cistiflora 'Nieuwoudtville'

    drosera regia

    a newcomer, very nice hybrid drosera schwackei x drosera ascendens

    sarracenia leucophylla from Perdido

    ....and byblis aquatica (right after deflasking, still in the gel)

    and in substrate

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    Very nice! Particularly like the Byblis.

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