Hey everyone:

I was wondering if any of you have been to Maine and found D. linearis or D. angelica. Based on my research, both species are, somewhat, plentiful in Minnesota, at least, most of the pictures of both species growing in the wild from the lower 48 come from Minnesota, but I haven't seen any from Maine. Anyone know anything?

So far as I can gather, both been officially reported together in only one bog from Aroonstock county in Maine some 20 years ago, with D. linearis known nowhere else and D. angelica known at only one other location, also in Aroonstock county, also 20 years ago. I am aware that Aroonstock, like many counties around it, have numerous bogs and a dearth of people, so I was wondering if anyone had done more extensive exploring or if anyone knew of someplace I might go (probably not this year, but sometime in the future) to see these rarities in the wild and somewhat close to my home state (New Hampshire).

I understand CPers don't like to share locations in the wild publicly, so feel free to PM me. Mostly, I'd just like to confirm or deny that my information is good about the location of the bog in Aroonstock where these guys can be found. Can't wait to visit and spam you guys with photos from the wild.